New Build, Berkshire

The project at Windmill Farm required the demolition of a dilapidated farmhouse with various redundant outbuildings, and redevelopment of the site as an equine establishment.
The new scheme for the site comprised a 2-storey residential dwelling for the owner of the business, along with stabling, ancillary storage buildings, garages, horse walker, lunge ring and staff accommodation.
The layout of the buildings was designed to keep all of the facilities in close proximity to the main house (which is particularly important during foaling) whilst maintaining a separation between the residential and equine aspects of the site. This was primarily achieved by bringing one of the old farm access roads back into use to serve the equine areas, whilst retaining and remodelling the existing access to create a new sweeping gravel driveway.
All the buildings were designed to reflect the vernacular style of the local area, with reclaimed bricks and sarsen stone being used on the main house in particular to soften the impact of the new construction.